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Unknown Google Adwords Expert Reveals the Brass Knuckles Approach to Kicking Ass (and Taking Names) on Anybody's Pay Per Click Turf

A year or so ago when Google made their revolutionary policy change - you know the one that was supposed to kill the whole lot of Google Cashers - I wrote a potent little report on how to exploit the changes to your advantage.

Folks, this is WAY beyond the finger waving "We told you, you bit slingers shoulda hadda squeeze page" stuff . . .

This is how to torpedo your competition and leave them stunned and clueless about what even hit them.

After sharing it with my three closest Internet buddies, they all agreed - independent of each other - that there was NO WAY I should share this with the rest of the Internet marketing world.

Like a greedy, hoarding bastard I took that advice and I didn't share. And it burned on my couch along with the rest of my house. Engulfed in bright orange flames it melted to my frickin' Lazy Boy hideaway.

At least, that's what I thought.

The data recovery experts were able to peel the plastic goo that remained of my laptop from the hard drive. And months later they recovered the precious information on it. Truth is, I forgot all about - I had more important things to worry about, like buying t-shirts, shorts and finding a place for my family to live.

Fast-forward: A Late October Morning, 2005

I finally sat down to look at what was on that old hard drive. I was digging through the data that survived when my eyes stopped on a file titled: gex.pdf

"Oh yeah. That's that report I wrote and never sold."

I thought I'd open it up and see if any of the information was even relevent now.


I remember now why I didn't want to sell it then. I reveal a tactic that I don't think Google wants shared. There's a GAPING loophole in the system that's nothing short of wicked. Use this and KILL your competition.

The report consists of just 4 pages - and I was going to sell it for $47 (which would have been foolishly cheap).

What's in it?

  • I revealed a tool that nearly doubled my sales with the exact same traffic numbers I had before. In fact, nothing else changed but this one sneaky little trick.

  • I figured out a way to know exactly what my competitors were bidding, their CTR's - everything.

  • I discovered a NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY trick that burned up the ad budgets of my competition, drove up their PPC prices to the point of being unprofitable and inevetibly drove them out of the market altogether.

  • Fighting for my survival (OK that's a little overstated), I discovered a way to turn the tables on the merchants who were competing with me for ad placement.

Remarkably, I've never heard anyone, anywhere mention ANY of this stuff. Do they dare? Do they even know? ( I REALLY don't think so)

Another tactic I reveal - and I reveal many - is so nasty that the software I recommended has since removed that component at Clickbank's DIRECT request.

But, I'll include access to a script that does the job (saving you $47).

"The Adwords Blackbook"

This is a radical book and won't be for everyone. While some of the techniques are things I wouldn't personally use I did get two fantastic ideas from the book I will be using heavily from now on. It definitely made a few ideas I had been pondering "come together" so to speak.

Disclaimer: If you are easily offended or freak out on radical ideas DON'T BUY THIS BOOK!

Allen Says, Owner, The Warrior Forum


This Has Been HEAVY on My Mind

Is it stupid to share the tactics I use - stuff nobody else knows about?

Have you ever wondered "Do the "gurus" really share their best tricks?" (I sure have and it's because of what I know and I'm going to share in this book that nobody else is teaching, that convinces me some of the best secrets are being hoarded by the pros.)

I've decided to share for two reasons:

First, most people won't follow my advice meaning the competition will be less than what I anticipate. It doesn't matter who offers the great advice, most people won't even read the material to completion and use it. Sad.

Second, There's more than enough to go around and frankly, I welcome the new challenge of going up against the Jedi masters I've hand trained. It can only make me better.

So, I'm going to take a deep breathe and I'm going to share and I reserve the right to pull the plug on selling this whenever I want.

There is no grand launch party. I'm not a part of the good 'ol boys club - that little crap click where everyone's raving about everyone else even though they've never taken the time to review the info, far less make money with it.

There is no desire on my part to sell 100,000 copies of this, or break John Reese's or Stephen Pierce's or Frank Kern's - or whoever has the record - for taking the most money from the most people in 37 minutes.

The real reason my name isn't on this book, is because some people are going to hate me. Merchants might hate me. Ex-employers almost definitely will hate me. Your competition absolutely will hate me. Google might hate me. And some people I haven't even thought of are probably going to hate me. I'm giving you the dirt, so dirty I'm afraid to put my name on this. That is NO exaggeration.


Not for the
Weak or Easily Offended
Not for the Meek, Pious, and Self-Righteous Either

The language I use is blunt - and it might even be offensive. I'm teaching you how to "Bitch Slap" your competition, so how else do I say "Bitch Slap" without saying "Bitch Slap"? I include three "Bitch Slap" techniques that are just cold - brutal.

What I share has the potential to make you a LOT of money. I'm pricing this the way I am for that reason - and because, like I said, I don't want this information widespread - that protects you and me both.

I don't need critical mass - I don't want critical mass. As it is, this information is going to change the landscape of Pay Per Click advertising.

Just one example . . .

For about 2 full years I sold approximately 1 in 20 of ALL of this company's products online - I know this because my affiliate notices contained an order number.

How successful is this business?

They've been profiled by about half a dozen top level marketers. "The Mysterious Mr. H" - we're talking about his multi-million dollar per year company. These guys will be at Yanik Silver's shin-dig as presenters - they're that good.

After the Google changes, and employing the potent tactics included in this guide I was selling 1 in 12! This happened EVEN THOUGH the merchant just happened to start running ads for the first time EVER when these changes took place - I had to scramble and I'm glad I did.

Understand this - this is a company with a very aggressive marketing machine of their own - not some schlep that wouldn't sell anything anyway. They do TENS OF MILLIONS worth of business online every year.

Over the past year using my most super-secret tactics - for just this ONE affiliate program - has meant nearly $12,000 in ADDITIONAL profit to me. That's over and above what I was making - and it took me less than ten minutes to do this.

And that cash, upfront and in-hand, was just on MY frontend. I have my own backend and I'll show you how to use affiliate products as market research in the book so you can do the same.

If just one of the tactics I'm sharing (I'm sharing a BUNCH of them) with just one, single affiliate product (in a relatively tiny market) can produce an additional $12,000 - what's this information worth?


No Whiners, Crybabies or Newbies

If you think you can handle slipping on a pair of brass knuckles and kicking your competition's ass, then get this information.

Let's be crystal clear - right here, right now; not everybody has the "nature" to play the game like this. If some part of you rooted for Dennis Rodman - you'll like this.

Gritty, gutty, do-what-it-takes-to-win.

If some part of you wishes you were a secret agent hitman - you'll like this. You'll eat it up. You'll beg me for more (yet another reason for me to lie low).

If you're looking for Adwords basics, try Perry Marshall's free five-lesson course.

The price on the Black Book is $197. It's almost done and it's full of wicked ass tactics. I might bump the price point to $247 - why give a price break to the first people who get to benefit? If the information in these other products was that good, why would they do that?

OK. That's it.


PS - If you are a newbie or a know-it-all, then this isn't for you - and I don't want your business. If you're a serious marketer, who will employ what's offered - you wi . . can profit many-fold. I'm not promising you'll make a nickel, a dime, a million frickin' dollars. What you do with this information is what you do.

This book will create some oohs. It will create some ahhs. The good and kind Mr. Willie Crawford, called it "Brilliant". It's some tasty intellectual candy.

But, be clear; I'm making no promises regarding your actual earnings - and I'm not putting any limitations on how much you could make either. If you already make money with PPC - if you already know how to work the process a bit - this is like giving a samurai a sword.

PPS - I'm NOT kidding or creating false marketing hype when I say that I'm having second-thoughts about selling this. I have no clue at what point I'm going to decide "I've sold enough - no more."

Oh. You want some testimonials, don't you?

I didn't give this to every clown who wants to impress you with his $100,000 yacht party or cute, hip chickie drooling over his fictitious Internet millions.

Like I told you, I've had a few friends look at this and this is what they wrote back - these aren't solicited testimonials. Just honest feedback when I'd written about 12 pages and that was all I was going to write. There's about 100 pages now because the feedback included "This might be over some people's heads, so better explain it better". I listened and I did explain it all in excrutiatingly clear detail (excrutiating for me - I'm a man of few words who just likes to get to the point).

These ARE NOT really testimonials - these are responses from a couple of friends, trusted colleagues when I asked them:

Would you sell this information?
Because frankly . . .
I'm afraid to release it.

Hi X,

I learned a lot from your ebook and think that it's incredible.

I'm not sure what I'd do with that ebook. I'm sure it would make you a good bit of money fairly quickly, but do you really want your competitors to know about it. I didn't see anything illegal (but I'm not a lawyer) or specifically against Google's TOS.

If it were my ebook, I probably would push it out in Rich Jerk fashion (not revealing my identity).

I guess it really depends upon your purpose in releasing the book and how much backend sales you anticpate making.

I need to go back and look at those xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx. :-)


Willie Crawford
Internet Marketing Legend



I'd have to second Willie's thoughts...

...the info in Adwords Black Book is incredible. I've been around a long time, and a large chunk of that info was brand new to me!

On one hand, I'd say you could make a killing with that book. On the other hand, getting those tactics into the hands of too many people might ruin the tactics.

I can see why you're conflicted.

Also, that must have been some *serious* negative energy you had going there. Reading the first five tactics had me spellbound - both the tactics, and especially, the quick, short, agressive writing style.

That is some incredibly valuable information. I'd have a hard time letting go of it if I were in your shoes. Perhaps a very high price tag and a very specific audience would be required.

Hope this helps some!


Mike Long
Moderator, Ozemedia Forum


The Money Back Guarantee

I'm going to shoot straight with you here. Is there a guarantee? Of course. I stand behind my work and I know you don't know me from . . . X . . . so I'm not going to try to push the envelope that far.

BUT . . .

If there's even an inkling of a thought that you're going to return this, at this moment, then get the hell out of here. Don't waste my time. I'm not a library and I'm not here to disseminate my information to freeloaders. If that's your mentality, don't waste your own time because you'll never make it anyway. That's my second guarantee.

I'm here to sincerely help a few good people who want help and who are willing to take action and help themselves. If that's you and after you buy this information you just don't see how this information can possibly make you a pile of dough, then let me know. I'll give you your money back, no problems and it's all good.

But if you're a whiner or freeloader - and I'll know it if that's what you are . . . leave. Now.

Still here?

Great. Let's make a deal. You buy my program. You use my program and if you make money, you be happy because you made a good investment. When I come out with new stuff on the cutting edge, you buy it and you maybe make even more money.

You use program and if it doesn't work for you, you request a refund within 45-days.


The Black Book DVDs
Available January 23rd

Here's what you get to know, direct from me "The Adwords Hitman", "The Pay-per-click Madman", the "King Kong of Clickdom" . . .

The Adwords Black Book

Nearly 100 pages of tactical brilliance that includes:


The Second Most Valuable Piece of Software Ever...

Software is a tool - and if you've got the know-how to use this tool like I use this tool then you can double your affiliate profits and romp. This is a vital part of the system I put on the table for you.

You don't have to buy it - you can't buy it. But I'm giving it to you.

How powerful is this software? It was once on the market and Clickbank demanded the seller remove it from his product.

Even if you have the original tool, you may not ever figure out how to use it like I have. It has literally put 10's of thousands of dollars in my pocket. Only Traffic Equalizer made more money for me.

No installation required - easy, easy, EASY to use.


The Original Google Loophole Report

There's a gaping loophole left wide open by lawyers and the Google change that killed off Google Cashers. If you were a Google Casher - the Adwords Black Book is especially for you. Now you can be 10-times badder than you ever were.


Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript

Hey - I'm just kidding on this one. If you don't already have this, I'll give it to you. This is the closest thing I have to a gratuitous sex scene - and I realize I have not yet used the word sex in this sales letter and since we all know sex sells, I had to show you a little sex, sex, sex.


Access to the Adwords Black Book Forum

Share ideas with the baddest, brightest Adwords marketing minds on the planet.

Supply and Demand Baby

The reason this "ebook" is priced high is simple. It can get you sex, I mean - I'm only going to sell 500 copies (LESS THAN 339 298 278 228 205 179 163 125 96 75 55 42 11 COPIES LEFT - 11:00 PM, April 3) SOLD OUT. And I'm only going to sell 500 copies because I think that's the maximum to protect your investment and maintain the integrity of the tactics.

This book is high level. It's not for beginners. It's not for people who are going to cry daddy when they hit the buy button. Sorry.

I've made tons of money from these tactics - you may not - but I wouldn't put this out to the world if it wasn't the absolute best, most cutting edge information available.

The Black Book DVDs
Available January 23rd



Blown away, seriously blown away mate.

I work with my team of ‘insultants’ as you so eloquently put it, and having been in the game for a while, I knew bugger all of the information you outlined in this book. But one thing I do know now, you’ve just helped line the pockets of my clients and I with extra profit. :-)

Had I known this information beforehand there wouldn’t be a way in hell you’d be able to pry it out of me, and for you to be giving it away for what you are, you’ve got to be... well… crazy!

Just do me a favor and limit the number of people who can get this?

Sincerely, Daniel Turner



You ever been to an internet marketing seminar?

Ever wonder what goes on late at night in the hotel bar where there's only a few of the speakers, (some a bit liquored up) and some savvy marketers with loose lips talking nonstop until 3 in the morning, while most of the crowd are sound asleep?

I'm talking, the real killer internet marketing stuff, that you know it's bad for you, a bit dangerous, but it's just so good you keep wanting more?

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, whatever you do, do not buy this book.

There, I already feel better.

Dr. Mike Woo-Ming

The Black Book DVDs
Available January 23rd


How Hot is
the Black Book?

Riddle me this, Batman -

*Without any prelaunch formula or execution
any viral marketing
any pre-arranged JV's or "guru" backing
*Without $5 spent on advertising
*Without a single teleseminar

How does a virtual unknown go from off the map to one of the top 2200 most visited sites on the entire Internet - according to - in less than 3 days?

Because it's the REAL DEAL.
No Gimmicks. No Hype. No Holds Barred.


For Everybody Else . . .

On the fence - not sure - too much money? Fine. Fine, fine, fine. You don't get the really good stuff - never - just the OK stuff. Random musings from a tormented genius. But when the Black Book sells out, don't come crying to me for those answers.

Sign Here, in Blood

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My First Name
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X - I understand you won't spam me, sell me out, or drive me nuts with offers for stuff I don't want, or need six times per day.


Internet Marketing Newcomer, Chris Parker of Australia, Slips on the Brass Knuckles, Kicks Ass and Has His First $1200 Day!

"Just a couple of days after I bought the Black Book, I used three of the techniques ‘X’ teaches to make a quick $1200 on the launch of Keyword Elite (and only spent $200 to make it).

I couldn’t believe how effective the strategies were. I’ve only been into Internet Marketing for six months - I’d never made more than $100 in a day before this.

What I really love is how the book makes it so clear what mindset you need to be in to play this ‘game’. Half the secret is having the mental edge - wanting to be that raging bull that charges down your competitors."

Note from X - Well done Chris! You even kicked my ass!

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